Obstructed View - Episode 0

Wesley: Hello, I’m Wesley,

Robyne: and I’m Robyne,

Wesley: And this is Obstructed View. 

Robyne: Before diving in to our inaugural season we wanted to give you all a brief introduction to who we are and what this podcast is.

Wesley: Hi, my name is Wesley Doucette. I am a director and choreographer, as well as a theatre journalist for Broadway World Dance and the NYTR.

Robyne: And my name is Robyne C. Martinez I am a freelance producer, general manager, and stage manager as well as a director/playwright. Wesley, how did we meet?

Wesley: I attended the Orchard Project as a member of the 2013 Core Company and Robyne was actually in Core in 2012. Last February, we met at a panel series produced by The Exchange, which runs the Orchard project, on history, race, and the civil rights movement, and their intersection with theatre around the framework of Robert Schenkann’s All The Way. From there we became on another’s "Plus One"s to shows and events

Robyne: And we would just discuss the work ad nauseam. And we really wanted to bring that level of conversation surrounding the performing arts to the public sphere – so we created this podcast to serve as a catalyst for those discussions.

Wesley: As artists ourselves we hope to cultivate a higher level of conversation between audiences and artists; we have zero illusion that our perspectives are unbiased and that we are divine, Plutonic audience members.

Robyne: We take full ownership of our baggage as artists when we see work and in conversation we make distinction between the quality of the work and its alignment with our personal aesthetic, without censoring either from the discussion.

Wesley: We are also in no way omniscient, and we encourage all of our listeners to continue the conversations we have on the podcast by sharing their thoughts, whether they agree, disagree, or have something entirely new to add, on our website or through social media.

Robyne: Before we sign off, Wesley, what would you say are the five most prevalent aspects of my taste and aesthetic?

Wesley: One would probably be carnality, social-consciousness, in addition to that diversity, a level of rambunctiousness in the performance, and polish, mostly in the world that is being created in front of you. And mine?

Robyne: Minimalism, nuance definitely, you love charm, and Brechtian stoicism,

Wesley: Not mutually exclusive.

Robyne: No. And confident self-awareness.

Wesley: I'll take it. We hope you enjoy the podcast and that you will share your thoughts with us.

Robyne: You can find us on facebook, twitter, soundcloud, google+, tumblr, and instagram, or at www.Obstructed-view.com.

Wesley: This is Wesley.

Robyne: And Robyne.

Wesley: And remember,

Robyne: It’s Only A Play.